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At Point100, we have over 30 years of experience creating and implementing bespoke software applications that will drive your business forward.

Our business helps your business work better.

We are a bespoke software powerhouse specialising in maximising efficiency and optimising internal processes. Our projects range in scope from national to international clients, and we bring our distinctive approach to all of our projects. It's simple: our business helps your business work better.

From our beginnings as hardware engineers, we have grown our team to over 120 experts with varied skill sets, split between our headquarters in the UK and Chandigarh, India. Our experienced management team in the UK deliver responsive support throughout your project, working as an extension of your organisation to streamline your business processes and create bespoke software solutions. With all of the accessibility of a London software company, we are available to connect through your preferred channel, whether that is a phone call, a face to face meeting, or a video call.

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Why bespoke software?

Many of our clients have found from bitter experience that off-the-shelf software can provide 80% of a solution to their needs, but fails to resolve the final 20% of their specific issues – and that last 20% is often the most important part of the problem. This means that you are often paying for features you don't need, whereas bespoke software fits your organisation like a glove and can integrate seamlessly with your essential systems. We often find that our clients are limited by their software rather than liberated by it, resorting to expensive enterprise applications, rigid software as a service (SaaS) applications, and unscalable proprietary applications. Our aim is to provide fast, reactive solutions that are flexible, affordable, and bespoke to your needs.

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Why Point100?

  • We create software solutions that adapt to the needs of your business, as opposed to off the shelf software that can be limiting.
  • You own the licence and the code, with no licence fees from us. We hand you a solution that is completely yours.
  • Our team is vendor agnostic, meaning that we can handle any code, software, or technical issues.
  • Our developers hold two ISO accreditations (9001:2015 QMS and 27001:2013 ISMA), and are a Microsoft Gold partner.

Our references, case studies and testimonials speak for themselves, as does the quality of our client roster – we have worked with Santander, The Ritz, National Rifle Association, Areen Design, London Transport, Railtrack, Elf Oil, and Carlin Music, among others.

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