Tracking software bugs

Why should you track software bugs?

Why do we need to track bugs? Why can't we simply tell the developers what the problem is, have them fix it, and that's the end of the story? Why do we need to actually record in detail what the bug was, what the fixes were, how they were fixed, when they were fixed and who reported it, etc. And the reason is very simple.

It's that while the bug is in progress - in other words, it's being fixed - we want to know what's going on. And if you have a proper documentation trail, specifically one that's in the Cloud, a proper ticketing system, then you'll be able to see what the situation is, how long it's being processed for, and even the developers will tell you approximately when the fix might occur.

The other reason for storing information about bugs is in case they reappear. So you can then look up a previous bug, and see what caused it and what fixed it, and actually compare and see if this bug is the is the same thing or not. And finally, it's always good to see how the fix was applied, what was required to make this fix. It can even be in certain ticketing systems connected to the actual code that created the fix.

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What is the best way to record bugs?

If you've got a new application, or even if it's not that new and a bug appears, you want to be able to report it to the developers. The best way actually is using a ticketing system that's in the Cloud. That way, everybody can see what's going on at all times, and there is an element of speed there as well. As soon as you enter the information about the bug, the developers will be able to see it and will be able to allocate it to a person (to a developer) to actually fix.

Now talking about bugs, the least complex bug to fix in is one that's reproducible. In other words, if you can say to the developer exactly the steps that are needed to reproduce the bug, then they've got something to investigate. Without that, it's very difficult for them to even begin to understand where to look, and where the problems might be emanating from. And therefore, in every single instance, if you are able to send precise information about the steps that you took to create or to have this bug appear, it would be extremely useful for any developer who has to fix the problem.

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