What are the advantages of client portals?

client portals

Client Portals are an area online where your customers can manage their relationship with your business. There is an infinite degree of sophistication with regards to any client portal. It can be as simple as an area where the client can see the information you hold on them, or it can be as complex as showing them their credit limits and recent orders. It may also include their ability to change their contact details including address, email and telephone numbers.

How Do Client Portals Improve
The Customer Experience
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The advantages of client portals are numerous and great.

Nowadays it has become almost a standard expectation that clients can see and manage their relationship with their supplier via an online portal. This allows them to communicate with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The advantage of this communication does not need to be spelled out - the beauty of the client portal that this high level of potential communication does not come at a high cost to the supplier. There is no need for personnel to be available at all times.

Many clients enjoy the fact that they are able to manage their relationship with you without the need for contacting a person. There is now no need to make a phone call and possibly have to hold. It is no longer necessary for your clients to feel under pressure for time when they have numerous lengthy requests to make of your customer service team.

Another advantage to you, the supplier, is that you have essentially outsourced your work of keeping your clients' details up to date to the client themselves! They are generally happy to do this because they clearly enjoy your product and want to make sure that they continue to have the ability to do so.

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