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At Point100, we have over 30 years of experience creating and implementing bespoke software applications that will drive your business forward.

Your problems meet our solutions.

Our mission is to empower organisations through software, building bespoke, sustainable solutions that keep businesses moving. That's why we offer a range of services designed to help businesses of all sizes to embrace the potential of software to enhance their existing processes.
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User Interfaces

DCE Service

Digital Customer Experience

Your customers interact with your business through more and more online and technological touchpoints. The more streamlined these digital interactions are, the greater their perception of your company will be.
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CP Service

Client Portals

Customer interaction via a website is an advantage both to the client and to the supplier. Service levels generally improve when achieved via a client portal, and sales can be achieved more quickly with fewer people.
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Application Development

BBA Service

Bespoke Business Applications

Enhance your business efficiency and improve your workflows in the long term by opting for a bespoke software solution that fits your needs, created by experienced professionals.
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CRM Systems

CRM Systems

CRM systems allow your business to manage customer data safely, efficiently and securely. Point100 provide a range of services relating to CRM systems that can help your business to improve customer experience and internal efficiency.
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MAD Service

Mobile App Development

App development on a mobile phone is so commonplace that it is possible to miss the complexity involved, which means that seeking expert advice is essential to create a solution that works for all devices and offers a positive user experience.
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WAD Service

Web App Development

Web app development is suitable for businesses of all types, creating more touchpoints between you and your customers, and allowing the implementation of innovative technology to supercharge customer experience.
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DDO Service

Dedicated Development Outsourcing

Instead of building and supporting your own in-house development team, why not use ours? Point100 act as a highly qualified, efficient, and responsive extension of your own team.
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MD365 Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to achieve your business goals. At Point100, we can advise on the best software for you, and help you to implement it seamlessly across your business.
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BI Service

Business Intelligence

Data is an extremely valuable resource, and business intelligence helps you make use of that resource. The world of business intelligence reporting is huge, and our experience and knowledge ensures the best designs for your requirements.
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SUT Service

Start Up Technologies

Start up businesses have superb ideas, huge energy, and the entrepreneurial spirit that requires applications or websites to be developed and delivered fast whilst retaining total flexibility. At Point100, we achieve digital goals in a collaborative way.
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Resource Management

DT Service

Digital Transformation

Has your business identified the need to computerise and get rid of reams of paper? Or perhaps you know that your business processes are excellent, but could be vastly improved using computer technology. Bring in the expertise and knowledge to help you formulate your IT goals.
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LMLS Service

Legacy Modernisation & Legacy Support

Many established businesses will have software that they have been using for many years, and simply isn't fit for purpose anymore. We help you to upgrade and modernise these legacy systems.
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BD Service

Bespoke Databases

Excellent database design requires experience and knowledge to produce a solution that integrates with your business. We draw on our collective expertise spanning over 25 years to produce bespoke databases that meet all of your requirements.
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ERP Systems

ERP Systems

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are expected to cope with huge amounts of data to keep their processes running smoothly and efficiently. Modern ERP systems help businesses to understand their current situation precisely, often using real time data.
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