How We Deliver

Our approach is simple. We get to know you and your requirements inside and out, ensuring that all of your stakeholders are engaged and encouraging a collaborative relationship from the start. We continue to work with you following the delivery of your solution to provide reactive, fast support and monitoring as your outsourced digital support partner.

We work hard to build strong relationships with our clients from the very beginning of your project, ensuring that you are comfortable to approach us at any stage.

We value partnerships.

Our clients are at the heart of our business. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations in every interaction with our team.

We build the best solutions.

We creatively solve complex software challenges.

We stay ahead.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, our team is constantly learning in order to produce solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology.

Step 1: Scoping

In our initial scoping, we gather in-depth insight from you to understand your current pain points. Our holistic approach allows us to assess the entire business's capabilities, where your software is currently letting you down, or how a new solution can enhance process efficiency while achieving buy-in from staff. Because we sit apart from your business as outsourced digital support, we are able to get an independent perspective, taking a view of the 'big picture' to understand how your project will impact the business processes currently in existence.
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Step 2: Consultancy

Following our initial conversation with you, we then enter the consultancy phase, where we map out the stages of your project, and scope out the potential timescales involved. We work at a pace that suits your project - this could be small steps, or a more accelerated approach to suit your needs. At all times, you will have access to our team to alleviate any concerns you may have, or to simply discuss the project.

Step 3: Development

In the development phase, we allow you as much access to our team as you need to ensure your peace of mind. Alternatively, we can take a more hands-off approach if you are pressed for time and simply require the solution to be delivered on time. We can work to tight timescales, and once the software has been created, you own the code. This means that if you require further development work in the future, you are not tied into any agreement with Point100 - your software is made for you.

Following the conclusion of your project, we remain available for technical support and training to ensure that your team can use the software effectively, and that all stakeholders are comfortable with the solution.
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