Bespoke software solutions

We creatively solve technical problems.

We have been streamlining, integrating, and enhancing software solutions for over 25 years. It’s simple: our business helps your business work better. 
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Bespoke software solutions

We creatively solve your technical problems.

At Point100, our team of over 120 specialist developers work as an extension of your team to deliver software and application solutions that fit your business like a glove. It’s simple: our business helps your business work better.
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About Us

We work as part of your team.

Point100 has a group of talented developers based in offices in the UK and India, with an experienced management team at its helm. For over 30 years, we have been helping businesses of all sizes to make their business processes easier, simpler, better integrated, and more cost-effective using the latest technology at our disposal.

Over our many years of business, we have worked with internationally recognised brands in addition to smaller scale enterprises, all of whom had one thing in common - they needed to solve an issue that only technology could fix. We collaborate with our clients to understand the exact nature of their problems, and build creative solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing business processes.

We often use the example of the 80/20 rule, where we see scenarios when a business has purchased off-the-shelf software to meet their needs. This software typically resolves 80% of problems, but fails to address the remaining 20%, and that 20% causes 80% of their problems and pain points. This leads to businesses needing to adapt to fit the technology, rather than the other way around. We believe that no business should have to be dictated to by their software, and that investing in a bespoke solution offers far more benefits in the long run. You can focus on what your business does best, while we create a solution that both decision makers and day-to-day users can feel comfortable with.

Established since 1991

Our management team has seen technology develop exponentially since the early days of the Internet being used in a business environment. The experience of our teams in the UK and India combines to create a uniquely qualified partner for our clients.

120+ developers

We work with the best software developers available, and establish positive relationships with our clients from day one. Our team has two ISO accreditations (9001:2015 QMS and 27001:2013 ISMA), and they are Microsoft Gold Partners, achieving the highest levels of client care.

3 sites globally 

We have worked with clients of all sizes, from all over the world. Whether you are a small enterprise, an established business, or government or public sector organisation, we have the resources and expertise at our disposal to provide you with a fully bespoke solution.
Bespoke software solutions

Transform your business’s digital landscape.

Because our team is made up of a range of over 120 developers with specialist skill sets, we can offer many services that can help your business to work more efficiently. Anything that is currently technologically feasible, we can do. Our focus is always on the sustainability and usability of your solution, ensuring that it stands the test of time and can be understood by all end users. Whether you need to bridge disparate systems, streamline processes, or update old software, we can help. Our technology experts deploy cutting-edge stacks and platforms to enable innovation and support your existing business systems.

our services

Business Intelligence

Data is an extremely valuable resource, and business intelligence helps you make use of that resource. The world of business intelligence reporting is huge, and our experience and knowledge ensures the best business intelligence systems for your requirements.
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Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption allows your business to reduce its costs, mitigate risks with improved security, and streamline your file storage and applications. Cloud implementation requires careful planning, so we can help you with the strategy, provisioning, and configuration of your cloud solution.
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Dedicated Development Outsourcing

Instead of building and supporting your own in-house development team, why not use ours? Point100 act as a highly qualified, efficient, and responsive extension of your own team, filling skill gaps and ensuring that your technological requirements can be accommodated.
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Digital Transformation

Has your business identified the need to computerise and get rid of reams of paper? Or perhaps you know that your business processes are excellent, but could be vastly improved using computer technology. All you need is to bring in the expertise and knowledge to give you guidance.
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ERP Systems

Modern ERP systems help businesses to understand their current situation precisely, whether it is to do with stock levels, supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing resource planning, and any other business functions.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of over 20 hugely powerful business applications. As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partners, we help you select, configure, implement and integrate the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications to deliver transformation across sales, marketing, customer service, finance, operations and HR.
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Start Up Technologies

Start up businesses have superb ideas, huge energy, and the entrepreneurial spirit that requires applications or websites to be developed and delivered fast. At Point100, we work with start ups to realise their digital goals in a flexible and collaborative way, with an understanding of the timescales and financial limitations that dictate the scope of projects.
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Bespoke Databases

Excellent database design requires experience and knowledge to produce a solution that integrates with your business. That's why at Point100, we draw on our collective expertise spanning over 25 years to produce bespoke databases that meet all of your requirements. Don't settle for out of the box solutions.
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Client Portals

Customer interaction via a website is an advantage both to the client and to the supplier. By implementing a client portal in your business, you offer your users a means of conveniently performing a function that they can't do anywhere else, while enhancing their brand awareness.
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CRM Systems

CRM systems allow your business to manage customer data safely, efficiently and securely. Point100 provide a range of services relating to CRM systems that can help your business to improve customer experience and internal efficiency, using our considerable expertise in CRM systems.
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Mobile App Development

App development on a mobile phone is so commonplace that it is possible to miss the complexity involved, which means that seeking expert advice is essential to create a solution that offers a positive user experience. Our web developers are skilled at creating apps on both the Android and Apple platforms.
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Digital Customer Experience

In today's increasingly digital world, your customers interact with your business through more and more online and technological touchpoints. The more streamlined these digital interactions are, the greater their perception of your company will be. See how we can help.
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Ecommerce Systems

Are you looking to implement an ecommerce system in your business, or need a refresh to function more effectively? The team at Point100 has built numerous successful ecommerce websites for a range of businesses, allowing them to efficiently manage their products, list them for sale, and implement delivery.
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Legacy Modernisation

Many established businesses will have software that they have been using for many years, and end users will recognise when these legacy applications have become inefficient. At Point100, we believe that your business's needs come first, and pride ourselves on updating, upgrading, and bridging gaps between old and new software.
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Web App Development

At Point100, we create bespoke web apps that allow you to base the experience entirely around a user's browser, accessible from anywhere and entirely flexible in scope. We work closely together with you and with complete transparency. 
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Bespoke Business Applications

With Point100 bespoke software solutions, you don't need to spend valuable time training your team to grapple with generic applications. Instead, you can embed familiar processes and ensure that the development process incorporates your team's existing capabilities.
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Working With Us

Meet our expert developers

Each of our projects follows a similar pattern, all geared towards understanding your needs and delivering a solution that lasts. We ensure consistent deliveries for each phase of a project so that feedback can be exchanged with the developers at appropriate times, keeping you in the loop with the latest progress, and building a rapport with you and your team.

Using the Agile methodology, every available resource is used at maximum efficiency throughout the development process. Our developers work in 'sprints', with continuous testing, adjustments, and development delivery points, providing you with tangible progress at every stage of your project.
Meet Our Team

Creative Stage

Requirement gathering
Concept and documentation

Solution Stage


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