What is fractional expertise?


What do you do when you need a database expert (Database Administrator or DBA), but you only need them for 2 hours a day? Or even worse, only for 6 hours a month? And you never really know when those 6 hours will be needed? One month it may be 4 hours only are required, but the next month 10 are essential.

You must have a good DBA because the project depends on it. The DBA will ensure that the database is running smoothly, correctly, efficiently and with solid stability.

Outsourcing your project may be the answer.

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A good outsourced team will be running many projects simultaneously. They will have a team of people with expertise in all programming disciplines including DBA. The outsourced team management will be able to allocate a DBA in fractional amounts to a project, referred to as the practice of fractional expertise.

When there is a sudden burst of need for a DBA, the management will be able to juggle and manage DBA time for the specific emergency. Clearly it will be cheaper for all parties to be able to plan in advance for a number of fixed hours per week, month, or any decided period.

A well-established outsourcing company will have a certain amount of excess capacity built in because hardly a project goes by without a crisis at some point in time. This excess capacity can be utilised for the unexpected occasions that no one has been able to plan for.

It may be a little more difficult to find excess capacity for specialties that are less common, but once the architecture of a project has been decided, finding an outsourced company that has the unusual required fields of programming would be the first steps for such a project.

Outsourced development companies should have good Human Resources departments, so even if they do not have the required specialities currently on board, they will be able to recruit the best that are available. At Point100, we work with you to establish your precise requirements, and implement fractional expertise to ensure that your resourcing is always entirely appropriate for your projects and remains cost-effective at the same time.

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