The importance of communication in software development

communication in software development

What is one of the most important factors that will contribute to the success of a software development project?


There are two parts to this communication, and they are as vital as each other. The first is the communication between the stakeholder (i.e. the client, the owner etc.) and the development team. The second is the communication between the members of the development team itself.

It goes without saying that it would be impossible for a software team to build an application without being told what to build. Conversely, it is also obvious that where the telling is top notch and the requirement is handed to the developers in its entirety with absolute clarity and simplicity that there would be an excellent result.

Communicating the specification is essential to the success of the project. As it is basically impossible to hand over the requirements one hundred percent perfectly, the better the communication to fill in the gaps, the better the outcome will be.

Communication within the development team is also crucial. Applications are made up of so many intricate parts. Each part needs to be fully compatible with the other. In coding terms, this means that even if a single dot is out of place, the system falls apart. Therefore, each member of the team needs to be fully aware of what the others are involved in and what position they have reached in terms of the project at any given moment.

Software is generally used for this form of communication by using interfaces and screens that keep the developers in touch with each other. However, to ensure a fully motivated and cohesive team there are also needs to be verbal communication so that it becomes easy for each member of the team to be in touch with each other and get to understand their singular programming styles.

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