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Building a team for a software development project can be broken down into 2 fundamental parts.

  1. Collecting the required skillset
  2. Making sure that the team dynamic and its environment are conducive to producing a good result.

Building a software development team is a complex business.

The Complexities Of Building A Development Team from Point100 on Vimeo.

The architecture of the project needs to be decided at the very beginning of the project. Without knowledge of the architecture, it will be impossible to know which skills are required. Once the skills required are known, the search can begin for the appropriate candidates.

Many questions and challenges will still remain. How many persons do you need for each skillset? How will you handle a situation where you only need a half a person for the duration of the project? What happens during holiday periods or sickness or other legitimate reasons for non-attendance?

Once these questions have been answered, we would need to move on to the team environment and dynamics. It goes without saying that a happy and motivated team can produce better results in less time than a team that is under-resourced and stressed.

Excellent communication systems are extremely vital. When writing code, a single dot, comma or uppercase letter can crash programmes. Facilities and systems need to be in place that properly and comfortably control the versioning of the code build. Programmers need to be able to easily and quickly communicate with each other whilst recording responses and storing them in appropriate locations. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is another of the great advantages of using an outsourced development team for your software project. They will have a team prebuilt. The team or teams will know each other well and will have had solid and regular experience of working together.

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