The advantages of development outsourcing

development outsourcing advantages

In this article, we discuss two of the key advantages of development outsourcing if you do not have the in-house resource to meet your technical needs.

No need to employ staff

What would life be like if we were able to run successful businesses or effective departments without employees or staff? There would be no issues about team motivation, employee satisfaction, office politics, staff sickness, training days and all the other myriad problems that arise when managing a group of disparate people despite them all having a common goal.

You may think the question is moot at best or nonsensical at worst because performing tasks and running projects without people is an impossibility.

Actually no. It is possible. The solution is outsourcing.

The outsourcing company is the entity that needs to recruit employees and make sure that their environment is good enough to retain them long term and keep them constantly motivated. The outsourcing company will need to ensure that the office is a pleasant place to be in, clean and airy with ample desk space for each employee. They will need to ensure that the correct and relevant equipment is readily available for each employee. Health and Safety concerns will all have to be accounted for. In addition, taxes will have to be paid to the Government merely because you have decided to provide jobs for your employees.

Employees and looking after them for the project that you have chosen to outsource will absolutely not be a concern of yours.

Your most important job will be to ensure that you choose the right outsourcing company – one that fits your requirements and includes people that you feel comfortable with so that you can build trust and establish excellent communication.

With good outsourcing companies you will still be able to have interaction with their key employees, all of whom will enable the project to be completed successfully – a goal which is striven for by yourselves and the outsourcing company alike.

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Recruit technical specialists

Building a team to develop a software application requires a fair amount of knowledge and detail about the project itself. There are so many disciplines within software programming today that it has become a vital part of the planning to carefully and precisely choose the development team.

The need for decisions begins right at the very beginning of the project. Which database is going to be used? SQL or No SQL? Microsoft or Oracle? Public domain or purchased? On premise or in the cloud? Which cloud to use - Amazon, Microsoft or Google? Or someone else?

These are only the first level decisions regarding the data store. Similar sorts of decisions are required for the Business Logic layer, where most of the code will be, and then the interface layer, where most of the look and feel designing will be.

Depending on the size of a project, deciding on the architecture itself may require a small team.

The actual process of building the team can begin once the architecture has been decided. It should be apparent from this short article that many different disciplines will be required even for the not so large projects.

Building such a team and getting it right obviously presents a challenge of no small proportions. The difficulty of this task is exacerbated when the team builder is not familiar or experienced with the process, or indeed if this is not something that is done on a regular basis.

One of the great advantages of outsourcing a development team is that there is no need to build a development team – the team is prebuilt within the outsourced development company. Once the appropriate outsourced team has been chosen, they will have a pool of programmers to choose from. They will have an availability for all the required disciplines, and they will be able to call on expertise that is born of constant and regular hands on experience.

If you are looking for more information about outsourcing your development needs, contact Point100 to have a free no-obligation conversation to discuss your project.

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