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Areen Design offers complete design services to its customers, from architecture and design to procurement and fulfilment. The business processes for these services have been automated for years. The business process automation has been achieved by bespoke application based on client-server and web technologies.


  • The existing system is built on a 25 year old platform, which is no longer supported by vendors.
  • The system had dated technology which made it difficult to scale up and enhance the business application.
  • Applications need a lot of manual intervention, which is prone to errors.


  • We developed a bespoke application based on the latest tech stack (Microsoft .Net Core) and Sql Server database.
  • Replaced the existing system with a unified application accompanied by an updated user interface.
  • Removed disparate third-party apps to form one unified seamless solution to enhance experience.


  • The latest system has successfully accommodated all the design and procurement business processes.
  • The system is now easy to use and doesn’t require any specific skills with simplistic user interface.
  • The new consolidated tech environment assures rigorous process adoption with enhanced scalability.

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