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The National Rifle Association (NRA), founded in 1859, is a registered charity with a Royal Charter, and National Governing Body of full-bore rifle and pistol shooting in the UK. The NRA approached Point100 to create a bespoke software application for their event booking system.

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The Challenge

The client had been using manual paper based system and Excel spreadsheets to take bookings for events and competitions. The whole process was time consuming and inefficient, and it was difficult to take payments from the users and manage their accounts.

The key aspect of this online booking system design for the NRA was their customers, who are their subscribers, members, individuals or the clubs that attend events at the NRA. At Point100, we were very clear that one of the things which took priority in our software development was an exceptional user experience. When we started building the core architecture of these applications, we were very clear that we have to lay very strong foundations so that the application can be scaled up and could be used later for multiple functions within the NRA.

This was achieved by creating a combination of three layers in the application. The database layer at the bottom, the data interchange layer in the middle, and the application layer on the top. As with all the bespoke software created by Point100, the system is completely owned by the client and it is custom built for them, so there's endless flexibility to enhance it, configure it, and integrate it with multiple systems.

Usually 80 percent of what the client has is working perfectly, it's 20 percent of what they are using that causes them issues. That 20 percent causes them 80 percent of their pain points. We come in and understand very clearly what is causing that 20 percent of problems, and what the solution should be.
Lionel Roodyn - Head of Tech, Point100


  • Built an online booking system using an open source framework
  • Modern design and user experience consistent with business mission statement
  • Seamless integration with membership management solution
  • Integrated eCommerce features for online payments and discounts etc.
This case study is a particularly good example of digital transformation. But of course, Point100, having been going for over 30 years, we have completed hundreds of projects successfully, with digital transformation as part of it. It's almost like an umbrella expression for almost everything that we do inside.
Graham Golding, Head of Sales - Point100


  • Faster and efficient online booking system design
  • Increased the number of participants and visitors
  • Helped the organisation in better planning of the events
  • Client retention and dwell time went up by 20 percent respectively.
It works on phones and tablets and PCs so it's a lot more user-friendly than what we had, even to the extent that it can take payments a lot quicker online, so there's a lot of pluses to it.
Becky Sweet, Competitions Manager - NRA

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