Ritz Casino


The Ritz Casino, housed in the same building as The Ritz Hotel in London, is synonymous with quality, luxury and excellent service.


Casinos in London are bound by extensive regulations and controls to ensure that gambling remains an entertaining and fun activity, as opposed to a pursuit that will cause stress and anguish at best, or illness and criminal activity at worst.

These regulations require that casinos gather copious amounts of information about their clients. Most of this information is personal and sensitive. Clients understand the requirements and submit to what can essentially be called an assault on their privacy.

The Ritz Casino in particular, whilst complying with the regulations to the fullest as required by law, also make every attempt possible to ensure the comfort of their clients and make certain that any necessary discomfort is reduced to the barest minimum.


The solution was to provide systems that would:

  • Enable information collection in a supremely user-friendly manner so that adding the required data can be achieved in the most discreet way possible
  • Storing of and retrieval of data accomplished as fast as possible so that there are no delays in collecting, distributing and showing required information whenever and wherever necessary.

Point100 has been able to provide the solution because of our expertise in building applications across all devices together with our deep knowledge of database storage and retrieval.

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