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Customer interaction via a website is an advantage both to the client and to the supplier. Service levels generally improve when achieved via a client portal, and sales can be achieved more quickly with fewer people.

What are the advantages of client portals?

Customer portals, or client portals, are now an expected meeting space between you and your customers. The internet and the modern technological state of the web browser has brought the world to a point where customers expect to be able to interact with you via a service portal or support portals. It is almost no longer considered a benefit but rather a requirement.

We have reached a point where the customer experience is required to include real time information on a customer portal. Customers will use the online portal that you create for them as, for instance, a knowledge base, for document management (e.g. invoices and statements) and to access information about their relationship with you.

There are great advantages for your business too. Customer support can improve without needing additional staff. In effect, your clients will support themselves up to a point by using cloud based online customer portals that you have built and implemented. Your service teams will be able to access information about your clients, or indeed from your clients, more easily by sharing files or uploading files, whether these are documents or pictures. All of these interactions will improve customer experience, thereby creating a stronger and more lasting relationship between you and your customers.

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The 80 20 rule really comes into play here.

It is possible to buy off the shelf software that will include a pre-built portal. More than likely, it will provide you with 80% of your specific requirements. However, the remaining mismatched 20% will be the primary source of 80% of problems.
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Create additional customer touchpoints.

By implementing client portals in your business, you offer your users a means of conveniently performing a function that they can't do anywhere else, while enhancing their brand awareness.

How can Point100 help me?

With many years of experience building client portals for our clients, we at Point100 are well placed to help you with your customer portal. We have clients that have had teams that have taken orders over the phone. These teams have been replaced by websites where customers can place orders, view previous orders, see their transactions, and understand their credit limits as well as their overall balance amongst many other useful relationship building pieces of information. The functionality can evolve and grows all the time to suit the changing needs of your business.

One of the most interesting growth areas in this arena that we are seeing currently is the desire to build customer portals on mobile devices so that customers can use a mobile app whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. Point100 works very closely with our clients. We have accessible people that will join you on your journey from design to build to support. We will allow to access our wealth of knowledge, and during development you can choose to stand back and allow us to do all the work, or become closely involved and join every developer team meeting - or indeed somewhere in between.

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Effective client portals are a key part of the customer journey, and one that the Point100 team work on regularly. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and find out more about how we can help your business work more efficiently.
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Client Portals are an area online where your customers can...

What are the advantages of client portals?

Client Portals are an area online where your customers can...
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