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Cloud adoption allows your business reduce its costs, mitigate risks with improved security, and streamline your file storage and applications. However, cloud implementation requires careful planning to ensure a smooth transition between your existing system and the cloud.

What are the advantages of cloud adoption?

Why move to the cloud? There are many reasons for you to become a cloud based organisation. To begin with, you no longer need to manage a server. Once you have completed your cloud adoption, the people looking after the server (e.g. Google Cloud) have any number of the best people in the world doing so. The cloud infrastructure, i.e. the physical machines that are used in the data centres, are the best machines that money can buy. They are constantly looked after and monitored, and they are stored in the most secure environments imaginable. As a flavour of this trend, there are reports that Microsoft are placing their cloud technology (cloud computing) underwater.

Once you have completed your digital transformation and you are using your cloud environment, updates are simple to perform, if they are even needed at all. The machines are managed by the cloud services company, and you may be able to reduce cost because you can now concentrate your efforts on what your computers are doing for you, rather than you spending time and effort on the upkeep of the machines themselves.

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The 80 20 rule really comes into play here.

It is possible to buy off the shelf software that will include a pre-built cloud area. More than likely, it will provide you with 80% of your specific requirements. However, the remaining mismatched 20% will be the primary source of 80% of problems.
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Cloud adoption

Your external cloud experts.

We can help you with the strategy, provisioning, and configuration of your cloud solution, with our expert team on hand to advise at all stages of the project.

How can Point100 help me?

Having worked on cloud migration for many clients, we are well aware of the challenges that are faced before and during cloud implementations. Every company's cloud journey is essentially the same, but subtly different. Cloud transformation will often highlight certain deficiencies in a company's current set-ups, all of which need to be addressed before a company can become completely cloud native. Point100 is well placed to help you with this. We work closely with our clients to build a cloud adoption framework before work even starts so that we and our clients can be confident that any potential pitfalls are accounted for and contingency plans are in place.

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Working with us on your cloud adoption ensures that your systems are in safe hands. We create seamless transitions between current processes and new innovations, allowing you to rest assured that your systems will integrate with the cloud with minimal interruption to your daily work. Speak to us about the potential for cloud adoption in your business.
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