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CRM systems allow your business to manage customer data safely, efficiently and securely. Point100 provide a range of services relating to CRM systems that can help your business to improve customer experience and internal efficiency.

What are the advantages of CRM systems?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Computer programmes that are built to handle relationships with customers are called CRM systems. There are huge advantages in using CRM software or a CRM platform. Your business no doubt collects an enormous amount of customer data both for potential and existing customers.

It is impossible for humans to keep track of so much information and use the gathered information to its fullest potential without the help of a good CRM solution. It will ease the workload on your sales teams, enhancing their sales processes, helping them with their sales and marketing, sales management and any marketing campaign as well as highlighting any potential sales opportunities.

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CRM Systems
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How do CRM systems help existing customers?

For existing customers, a good CRM will handle customer information and contact data, thereby greatly improving the customer experience. When a client communicates with you, especially by means of a phone call (where there is not a lot of time to gather information), you will have all the relevant details easily at hand.
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CRM systems

Adaptable solutions.

One of our clients who has been with us for several decades started off with a simple CRM which resembled an address book with notes. As the company grew, the contacts list became more and more sophisticated by adding on many more fields and automated services such as reminders and email responses. As the years passed and the client expanded even more, they purchased an off-the-shelf CRM which we then fine-tuned, and developed code within the CRM so that it fitted precisely into the company's current systems.

How can Point100 help me?

There are 3 possible ways that Point100 can you help you on your journey of implementing a CRM system.

  1. We can help you choose an off-the-shelf CRM system. In a nutshell, we will analyse your requirements so we can understand precisely what you want to achieve and gain from your CRM. Once we have collected that information, we can evaluate numerous off the shelf CRMs to work out which one is the best fit.
  2. We can help you tweak an existing CRM so that it more closely matches your needs. Our team of developers have the expertise and knowledge to be able to fine tune an existing system according to your specification so that it becomes a more precise fit for your company.
  3. We can build a CRM system from scratch. Our team covers all the necessary disciplines essential for taking on a project of this nature, whether you need an all-encompassing CRM that includes, for instance, social media, messaging, or a simple contacts register suitable for a small business.

Whatever your requirements, our experienced team can help you identify the best course of action and create a solution that meets your needs.

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At Point100, we understand that adapting, creating or adopting a new CRM system can be a daunting prospect. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, and create a workflow that suits your business processes. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your specification.
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