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Digital Customer Experience

In today's increasingly digital world, your customers interact with your business through more and more online and technological touchpoints. The more streamlined these digital interactions are, the greater their perception of your company will be.

What are the advantages of digital customer experience?

To assess your current digital customer experience, you can consider the following three factors:

  1. Success – were they able to accomplish their goal using your website or application?
  2. Effort – how much energy did they have to expend trying to achieve that goal?
  3. Emotion – was it a positive experience?

Relationships with customers can be built via an electronic interface, giving businesses a glimpse into their audience's expectations and buying behaviours. Point100 can help you develop customer experience systems that will leave your customers impressed and comfortable at all stages of their involvement with your brand.

Based on your customer experience objectives, we can help you create a clearly defined strategy, integrating content management systems, websites, mobile applications, single sign on CRMs, segmentation, personalisation tools, and more besides.

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Enhance your customers' experience.

With the average attention span decreasing, and the increasing capabilities of technology to offer instantaneous solutions, creating a positive customer experience is more important for your business than ever before.
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Digital Customer Experience

Your trusted partner.

In the fast paced digital environment, our team of developers can deliver value based propositions across all our engagements.

How can Point100 help me?

We have experience with a range of open-source technologies as well as established frameworks, including but not limited to:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualiser
  • .Net core
  • Azure cloud platform

Customers expect a top-class experience unified across all digital interactions, including but not limited to customer service, customer engagement, live chat and mobile apps. We work with you to create a digital experience that is customer centric, and present customer data using all available digital channels, in real time both online and offline, creating a real omnichannel experience.

From minor adjustments to reduce pain points and encourage a smoother experience, to major improvements with the goal of increasing customer lifetime value, we can help. We encourage our clients to continue analysing the performance of their customer journeys even once changes are live to ensure a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement. This means that you can stay ahead of the competition by keeping your finger on the pulse of customer opinion, and make user experience changes in response to user input.

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