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ERP Systems

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are expected to cope with huge amounts of data to keep their processes running smoothly and efficiently. Modern ERP systems help businesses to understand their current situation precisely, often using real time data.

What are the advantages of ERP systems?

Using business critical data such as stock levels, supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing resource planning, and any other business functions specifically relating to a particular industry, ERP systems allow you to consolidate all of these in one place.

Using ERP software correctly from the front office, whether it is a traditional ERP or a more up-to-date ERP solution, will enhance your decision-making ability tenfold. Enterprise resource planning software solutions offer a management system that can cover every area of your business, giving you the power to make essential, effective, and informed decisions at all times. The time saving associated with ERP systems is considerable, as the information that you need is available through one intuitive interface, as opposed to accessing disparate systems for specific information about your available resources.

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ERP Systems
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The 80 20 rule really comes into play here.

It is possible to buy off-the-shelf software that will include a pre-built ERP system. More than likely, this will provide you with a solution to 80% of your specific requirements. However, the remaining mismatched 20% will be the primary source of 80% of your problems as your business adapts to the software, as opposed to carrying out processes in the way that you would like.
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ERP Systems

Creating ultimate flexibility.

We can build a bespoke system from scratch based on your precise specification, or manage and programmatically tweak off-the-shelf packages so that they work more precisely to your needs.

How can Point100 help me?

We have installed and built several ERP implementations using the latest ERP technology available, covering every area of the client's business such as customer relationship management, sales orders, stock control, warehouse picking and packing, and customs control. We work very closely with our clients, taking great care to ensure that the resulting software solution matches your requirements exactly.

Our clients are also able to collaborate with our development team at all times should they wish to do so. We are transparent in our working processes and the solutions that we creation, offering open access to the complete code repository throughout the project and on its completion. We can also support you through the process of choosing a specific ERP that will match your requirements. Ultimately, your ERP system needs to fit your business to provide the best consolidation of all your resource data, so our team's goal is to make your software as intuitive as possible for all users.

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