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Until recently, software development was concentrated on applications that worked on a desktop computer, whereas applications nowadays are generally accessed via web browser across numerous web pages. Web app development is suitable for businesses of all types, creating more touchpoints between you and your customers, and allowing the implementation of innovative technology to supercharge customer experience.

What are the advantages of web app development?

At Point100, we create bespoke web apps that allow you to base the experience entirely around a browser, accessible from anywhere and entirely flexible in scope. With web app development as opposed to desktop applications, upgrades can happen without the user even noticing, as they are such a non-event when handled properly. Another huge advantage is that no installation is required for web applications, meaning that they can be accessed from anywhere.

There are also many advantages for the web app development itself. Because web application development is based around a browser, the web developer does not need to be overly concerned about the operating system a user may have. The development team has much more flexibility in choosing their development tools and programming language. The knowledge emphasis of a web developer needs to be on web technologies. Another important element will of course be the web design and the user interface.

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Flexible integration with existing systems.

Web applications allow you to link up with additional functions in a way that confined area frameworks cannot. With web based applications on the rise, it is far more straightforward to integrate an online checkout page with other online accounting software, compared to two self-contained software packages.
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Web App Development

You own your application.

When you work with us on a web app solution, you own the code and have access to it at all times. This means that it is entirely yours, with no strings attached.

How can Point100 help me?

We have developed many web applications for our clients. One example is where the registered users were able to access their accounts and see their balances, previous orders and details of their account with an intuitive user interface. Our team consists of so many developers (100+) that we cover almost any discipline imaginable, together with experienced project managers who have vast experience with application development, whether these are native apps, hybrid apps or a mobile app. We work closely together with you and with complete transparency.

You are welcome to join us remotely at any meeting to do with the application development. The 80 20 rule really comes into play here. It is possible to buy off-the-shelf software that will include a pre-built database. More than likely, it will provide you with 80% of your specific requirements. However, the remaining mismatched 20% will be the primary source of 80% of problems.

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