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Many established businesses will have software that they have been using for many years, and simply isn't fit for purpose anymore. We help you to upgrade and modernise these legacy systems.

What are the advantages of legacy modernisation?

At best, legacy software can continue to be used with workarounds, and at worst, it is slowing down the business to the point that it is no longer fit for purpose. At Point100, we believe that your business's needs come first, and pride ourselves on updating, upgrading, and bridging gaps between old and new software to ensure that you can work at optimal capacity.

Legacy code or existing code in legacy software can be a source of a constant stream of problems. In such cases there is clearly a need for application modernisation, possibly even to restructure and optimise, using modernised technologies which help to streamline existing business processes, thereby enhancing future business and reducing operating costs. Cloud based computing is invariably cheaper than alternatives, and this can be part of the process when a business will modernise legacy systems during their digital transformation.

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Save time and money on workarounds.

A legacy modernisation project can boost productivity, increase data security, and even boost staff morale if the existing system is so poor that it impacts the ease with which they can carry out their role.
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Legacy Modernisation

Set up for success.

Because all of your digital activity is geared towards achieving business goals, we create a road map to keep those business goals in perspective at all times throughout the project, and relate touchpoints to those strategic objectives.

How can Point100 help me?

Using one or many of our Business Analysts at Point100, depending on the size of the legacy software, we can draw up a plan to allow the safe and careful replacement of the legacy application without risk to the current business processes. We understand that legacy modernisation can be a step that has been years in the making, and causes concern about preserving the integrity of existing systems. Rest assured that our experts have the skills and the experience required to migrate your systems to the latest technology.

There are occasions where it is too difficult or not cost effective to remove or rebuild the legacy software. In that case, we can build electronic bridges between old and new applications, which reduces the manual workload for staff and diminishes the risk of human error, or simply the incorrect movement of data from the outdated application to the newer programmes. Our team focus on your ideal solution, and work to achieve it in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

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