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Mobile App Development

App development on a mobile phone is so commonplace that it is possible to miss the complexity involved, which means that seeking expert advice is essential to create a solution that works for all devices and offers a positive user experience.

What are the advantages of mobile app development?

Mobile app development is now one of the more sought after skills in the software sector. Bespoke app development requires software developers to have a knowledge of either Android apps or the Swift programming language to create apps for an iPhone, both of which our team are highly skilled in. Mobile apps can offer the potential to create a unique service, for example a loyalty point system, customer portal, or additional information available in your customers' pockets.

There are many advantages of creating bespoke software as a mobile app. Users will be able to pick up your app easily from Google Play or the Apple Store with minimal effort, and their mobile devices are with them most of the time – therefore your functionality is essentially in the palm of their hands at all times. Apps can be created for both B2B and B2C brands that offer enhanced functionality and the opportunity to interact with customers, including lifestyle apps, utility apps, entertainment apps and information apps.

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The 80 20 rule really comes into play here.

It is possible to buy off the shelf software that will include a pre-built database. More than likely, it will provide you with 80% of your specific requirements. However, the remaining mismatched 20% will be the primary source of 80% of problems.
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Mobile App Development

More control then ever.

Apps function as another point of contact between you and your customers, in which can be a more personalised, intuitive experience. You have greater control over mobile apps than browser experiences, allowing you to create custom effects and immersive designs.

How can Point100 help me?

The team at Point100 is well placed to help your cross-platform app development process. Our team of 100+ which includes web developers and mobile development experts who can guide you all the way through the process from specification to development, finishing with implementation and roll out.

If you are thinking of creating an app and you want to make sure that the app design and mobile development is of the highest quality, speak to us and see how we can help. We have worked on apps of many types - one of our more recent developments was an app that contributed to the safety of workers by warning an external third party if the assigned user hadn't logged in at a certain time and place where they were expected to be.

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Apps, whether they are on mobile devices or web browsers,...

Why create a bespoke business app?

Apps, whether they are on mobile devices or web browsers,...
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